Design and paint your very own skate deck with the option to turn it into a functional board.
Our 2 hour Kids classes & 3 hour 18+ guided workshops will take you step by step through conceptualising your design and transferring it onto your skate deck. Our professional artists will teach you techniques to get the most out of your paint pens, giving your design depth and detail. This class has been designed to give people the skills to become aspiring illustrator / designers.

Please note - The below classes are themed for those who might need some direction with their design. In saying that, you are free to create whatever you like in any class, you do not need to keep on theme.

juLY holiday sessions 2024


“I have a 13 year old granddaughter who has now attended 5 decked out classes. She has gained so much confidence from all the encouragement and compliments, that she has applied and been accepted into the shine arts program at her high school. I can't thank all the crew at Decked Out enough. It's such a fun and caring environment for any art loving kid to enjoy themselves during the school holidays”

Greg Anderson

"My Son had his birthday at Decked out and him and his mates raved on about how good it was all afternoon! He is a big gamer so its hard for me to get him out of the house to do other activities. Even though they all created designs based around video games, I was happy he was out of his room and in a bright & enjoyable environment"

Gav Gibbens