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Decked Out Paint Pens - Pastel 6mm

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Decked Out Paint Pens - Pastel Colours 6mm - 10pc

Mitch tried and tested many paint pens on the market, and never found one that was rich in pigment and as versatile as he needed. His solution...create his own!

Decked Out Paint Pens are a pigment marker made by Artists for all Artists & Creatives.

Suitable for almost all surfaces.

These paint pens can be used on skate decks, surfboards, canvas, wood, fabric, metal, glass, ceramics and much more.

Non Toxic

Odour Free

Water Based

10 Pastel Colours

Acrylic Paint Pens

Reversable Bullet & Chisel Nibs

Spare Reversable Bullet & Chisel Nibs included